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I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one whose crush on Amy Schumer grew exponentially after the unveiling of the first trailer for Trainwreck last week. Heck, it wasn’t just Schumer who I instantly fell even more in love with after the clip premiered: I’ve been dreaming about Bill Hader ever since too. As you can imagine then, I’m completely over the moon that the pair have teamed up together again for the latest trailer for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards - which Schumer is hosting. You can check out the glorious clip below.

I really do wish that I could be anchored to the pair of them forever. Obviously that would soon prove tiresome for everyone involved (especially Bill Hader’s wife), but I think it underlines just how much I adore the duo. So what did the trailer for Amy Schumer’s hosting duties at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards consist of? Well, actually, not a lot really. But despite its brevity it was still stellar, which speaks volumes for just how innately marvelous both Hader and Schumer are. Or it might just reveal how preposterously enamored I am with them. I’ll let you decide.

Basically, the MTV clip starts with Schumer and Hader walking out of a movie theater. They wax lyrical about how amazing the film that they just watched was. In fact, Schumer is so enthused with the movie that she proclaims, "It’s going to win every award." Saturday Night Live alumni Hader is a tad taken aback by this declaration though, insisting, "Winning isn’t everything, you know?" Schumer then jokingly responds, "Winning isn’t everything?" - and that's when the chaos begins. There is some pretty epic destruction going on here, with the two comedy stars demolishing an arcade machine, throwing a plant pot, knocking popcorn out of a moviegoer’s hand, throwing a drink over another’s head, and generally acting like miscreants. Naturally, it all ends with Hader smashing a dude's head into the concession stand... but in an endearing way.

MTV Movie Awards Schumer Hader

We’re still quite a bit away from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. The show isn't scheduled to hit your television screen until April 12th, but that's kind of perfect for the promotion of Amy Schumer and Bill Hader’s new film, Trainwreck - which also happens to be the latest offering from director Judd Apatow. The film will will be heading into theaters on July 17th. The first trailer for the comedy suggests that it should be a return to form for Apatow after the tepid This Is 40 and Funny People, and we look for it to turn Schumer into a bona-fide movie star too.