Angry Shia LaBeouf Actually Fits Perfectly In These Classic Movie Scenes

Shia LaBeouf is the personification of virality. He’s been hitting the top spot on Facebook and Twitter trends by wearing a paper bag on his head during the red carpet of Nymphomaniac, chasing down a homeless man on the street, getting kicked out of Cabaret for disorderly conduct, and headbutting a London bar patron. But these videos implanting LaBeouf shouting, "Just do it!" into classic movies are by far the best, and safest for children’s eyes.

Recently LaBeouf posted a video of himself standing in front of a green screen and, for a segment, shouting some pretty intense motivational statements into the camera. It was shot by students at London's Central Saint Martins art school and made available to everyone through a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. Basically, they were inviting creatives to put their stamp on the LaBeouf. Thanks to the power of the Internet, YouTubers have used this as a springboard for some great spoofs. The Hollywood Reporter compiled some of the best on the Internet for our amusement.

This video featuring Shiawalker in Star Wars as he screams at Luke to lift his X-Wing out of the swamp is pure gold, especially since he has a rat tail almost as gloriously horrific as Hayden Christensen.

So far, there are a few good ones, like LaBeouf’s canceled cameo in The Avengers. Turns out, that scene where Bruce Banner Hulks out on a Chitauri vessel would’ve been a lot funnier if it were LaBeouf instead of Mark Ruffalo. Another comes courtesy of Leroy Prompakdee, who cut together the final scenes of Se7en with LaBeouf. Why couldn’t Brad Pitt’s Det. Taylor stop himself from shooting Kevin Spacey’s John Doe — well, besides the what was inside the special delivery package? Shia LaBox was off on the side screaming, "Just do it!" until Taylor actually did.

Other incredible installments included LaBeouf as the star of TED Talks, a voice in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the star of a home shopping network commercial, and that one annoying friend who drops in out of nowhere. More, Internet, give us more!