Anne Heche Spread For Ashton Kutcher

Anne Heche continues to try to make audiences aware that she is still alive. Her next step in this endeavor is replacing Jennifer Jason Leigh in a movie called Spread. Heche has recently enjoyed the first thing that could be called even a remote success in more than ten years by starring in the ABC television show, Men in Trees. It remains to be seen if she can parlay that into regular movie leading lady status.

HR reports that Heche was called on because Leigh may be pregnant. At least, that’s the rumor. It could also be that she wised up and noted that the movie doesn’t look so great. The film’s co-star is Ashton Kutcher, so it officially now has two actors I don’t much like. Since the director is David Mackenzie and the writer is Jason Dean Hall, two guys I’ve never heard of, I’m not sure I’m going to hit Fandango to pick up tickets to this thing anytime soon.

The plot revolves around a womanizer (apparently Kutcher) and the woman he scorns. Heche will play said scorned woman. The film is supposed to be a romantic comedy so it’s unlikely she carves him up with a butcher’s knife or anything. Probably puts icy hot in his jockstrap. Shooting has already started in Los Angeles so Heche will be hitting the ground running. Look for me to miss this one later in the year.