If there is one story that you don’t need to read anymore about, it’s the whole “Keith Richards snorted his dad’s ashes” thing. So, of course, we’ve written one more piece on it for the pile and you’re here reading it. Both of us need more to do in our spare time. If you haven’t heard what Richards said, you can read the interview in NME and find out who the greatest guitarist in the world is (him!) and what is going on with today’s music (it’s crap!) You can also read about the time he supposedly snorted some of his father’s ashes.

Richards, or at least his publicity person, is now saying that it was all a big joke. But Richards is playing Jack Sparrow’s dad in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and the word is out that Disney may not want to have him do publicity for the movie now. The source of this is reportedly the Los Angeles Times. However, I’ve looked around the site and can’t find the supposed comments by Disney’s publicity chief saying that Richards probably won’t be involved in promotion for the movie. Still, it’s on the Internet, so it must be true, right?

There are really only two things to say about the part of the story related to Pirates. Keith Richards not doing publicity (or doing publicity) will have almost no impact on the box office. This thing is a train and will make hundreds of millions with tons of publicity or very little, assuming it’s halfway decent. Also, Disney getting huffy about Richard’s comments at this point smacks a bit of hypocrisy. The guy is a well known drug addicted scuzz-bag, why is he ok to put in the movie but not ok to promote it? If he never uttered the “joke” would his slurring wobbling form be a family-friendly way to promote the movie? Either way, Richards is doing his part to get the name of the film out there, for better or worse.

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