Such a small hero. Such a large venue. Such a massive moment to introduce the world to the next major Marvel superstar (after months and months of turmoil).

Michael Douglas confirmed that Marvel’s Ant-Man will have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con, likely during a splashy Hall H panel that will conclude the evening on Saturday – Marvel Studio’s traditional time slot. Speaking with Collider, Douglas said that he’s "even dragging my son," but then revealed far too much about the Douglas’ personal calendar by talking about having to fly right home after the Ant-Man presentation on Saturday evening to get his kid to camp on time on Sunday. Because parenting comes before saving the world, kids. Even when you are Michael Douglas.

The Hollywood icon might not be prepared for the range of emotions that will be running through Hall H at the Ant-Man presentation. It was in Hall H, after all, that original Ant-Man director Edgar Wright presented test footage of his vision of the hero. Ah man. The good old days:

But we all know what happened. Edgar Wright left Ant-Man after years of preparation. And Michael Douglas still calls it "a big disappointment." The actor explains:
I’m not the producer on it and I’m an actor for hire, and, you know, Marvel certainly has a pretty amazing track record, rightly or wrongly, so I think it just was that kind of combination where although they like the idea of the individual and somebody with Edgar’s individual spirit and everything, maybe just collided with an operation – I think they’re all on relatively decent terms."

But man alive, will we be paying attention to body language on the stage of Hall H when Marvel finally rolls out the cast and crew of Ant-Man, which should include Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd, Patrick Wilson, Evangeline Lilly and new director Peyton Reed. In the interview with Collider, Douglas admits that he’ll start filming Ant-Man in Atlanta in August. So I don’t expect to see footage from the movie… unless Paul Rudd has been busy filming a few scenes that Peyton Reed can cut together to surprise fans. The thing is, Ant-Man is due in theaters one year from July 17. If they aren’t busy on it now, when will they get busy on it?
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