Ben Affleck's new film Argo is earning some of the best reviews of any film this year, with promises that it's a thriller that will have you biting your nails and literally cheering in the theater (seriously, I saw it happen). All of that is true. But the thing nobody is emphasizing nearly as much as they should is that Argo is positively crammed full of actors you recognize, and not in the "galaxy of a thousand stars!" way of the Ocean's movies, but in the "Wait, where do I know him and him from?" way that will have you scratching your head throughout the movie. Argo is packed with familiar faces, but you might be too distracted by looking them up in your mental IMDB to properly enjoy the movie.

That's why we're here to help, with a Guide to the That Guys of Argo. We're skipping over director/star Ben Affleck and co-stars John Goodman and Alan Arkin, since all three are movie stars you're guaranteed to recognize anywhere (and in case you're still struggling with Goodman and Arkin, click here and here). But let's move on to the real "that guys" of the movie, faces you're bound to recognize but may not be able to place. No spoilers for Argo follow, just a full rundown of all the major characters and scratching that "where do I know him from?" itch that we know you'll have while watching the movie. Now you can enjoy the year's best thriller in peace.

Bryan Cranston
Who He Plays: Jack O'Donnell, a CIA operative who works closely with Tony Mendez.
Where You Know Him From: Lately, it's almost definitely as Walter White, the sociopathic lead character of Breaking Bad. He also spent years as the goofy dad on Malcolm in the Middle and pops up in tons of movies these days, most recently Total Recall, Rock of Ages, John Carter and Red Tails. Yeah, he's had a pretty good year.

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