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Armie Hammer, he of the perfectly chiseled jaw and other genetic advantages the rest of us could only dream of, seems pretty much born to play a superhero, and he's coming close to it with next year's The Lone Ranger. But once upon a time he was set to play an actual superhero, cast tentatively as Batman in the Justice League movie that George Miller spent years putting together before it fell apart. After that Hammer got his breakthrough role in The Social Network, Miller moved on to his Mad Max sequel Fury Road, and the Bat-window for Hammer seemed permanently closed.

But wait! What's that Bat signal we see in the distance? Moviehole is reporting from "a very good source" that Mirror Mirror star Hammer is "back on WB's radar" to play Batman, and yet again in the Justice League movie that's found new life at the studio now that Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy has wrapped up. The Justice League movie, which has a script written by Will Beall and a whole long list of directors rumored to make it, doesn't have a confirmed release date, but if DC is aiming to make their own version of The Avengres and capitalize on Batman's popularity and the upcoming Man of Steel, they'll probably start moving forward with it soon.

So is blond, all-American-looking Armie Hammer the right guy to play Batman? He'd certainly be a big contrast from Christian Bale in the role, not only 12 years younger but much more of that typical, patrician guy that makes Bruce Wayne seem like a stereotypical billionaire on the outside. Obviously Justice League has to take the character in a different direction, so maybe Hammer is exactly the kind of change they need. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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