Arrested Development Movie Now A TV Show Too; Is It A Good Idea?

We've been hearing rumors for years now that creator MItch Hurwitz and the entire Arrested Development cast were hoping to make a movie to bring back the characters from the beloved, short-lived sitcom. It's gotten to the point that whenever any of the actors give an interview they're forced to answer questions about the movie, and as recently as this summer they were promising the movie was still in the works.

Then today, they threw us a huge curveball. During a Q&A at the New York Film Festival, Hurwitz announced that not only are they still planning the movie, but they're also going to bring the show back to TV for 9 or 10 new episodes to set up what we'll see in the movie. In a way, it's like we all finally got the wish we made back in 2006-- Arrested Development is coming back! To TV! The place where it always belongs. But there are endless questions too. In a movie, you can kind of adjust to seeing things characters older and a lot different than we last saw them-- after all, a movie is different enough. But if the Bluth family returns to TV, the place we first met them, is it going to feel strange to see chubby-cheeked George Michael grown up into lanky Michael Cera, or Tobias looking still bald but a little bit older?

I admit I have a lot more faith in 9 more Arrested Development episodes than I do in a full-length movie in that show's insane fast-paced format. But the ambitious plan reminds me a whole lot of The Dark Tower, another enormous project produced by Ron Howard, intended for both television and movies, and eventually killed by its financiers. Hurwitz sounds really confident about the fate of Arrested Development on TV and at the movies, but after so many years of promises, I feel like I still need to be a little skeptical.

So what about you guys? Do you think the grand Arrested Development plan is a good idea? Will you see the Bluth family no matter what? Or are you convinced this will never actually happen? Chime in with your answers in the poll below.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend