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So, you say you like Avatar, do you? You enjoyed James Cameron’s groundbreaking, futuristic adventure, and you’d like to spend more time in Pandora? Boy, have I got news for you. James Cameron just announced that he plans on making way more Avatar sequels than we anticipated. We knew Avatar 2 was on its way (allegedly). But are you ready for Avatar 3 through 5?!

James Cameron surprised audiences at CinemaCon in Las Vegas today by appearing on stage at the 20th Century Fox panel. Cameron used the platform to advocate for the big-screen theatrical experience, saying that nothing quite rivals seeing a movie in a movie THEATER. And we agree. On this next point, however, we might not agree. Our very own Eric Eisenberg was in the audience at CinemaCon and reports that Cameron announced plans for an Avatar 5, in addition to the Avatar trilogy that he has been working on at the moment. Cameron confirmed that this brings the grand total of Avatar sequels up to four, explaining that they will stand alone, but form a complete saga.

He also said that the saga would extend through Christmas 2023.

Now, this is foolish. OK, maybe foolish is too strong of a word. But let’s talk about what we know so far. James Cameron hasn’t released a narrative feature film since 2009’s Avatar… six years ago. He has been telling us for years that he is working on Avatar 2, but every time he updates us on the progress of his return to Pandora, it’s to tell us that the release date is getting pushed back. He apparently has a grand-scheme vision for several Avatar films – four additional ones, according to today’s report – but will any of them happen? Does anyone really believe this?

We all get why James Cameron would want to try and make more Avatar films. The original movie remains the highest-grossing film of all time, and even the return of Star Wars wasn’t powerful enough to unseat Avatar from the top of the charts. A second Avatar undoubtedly would attract a LOT of eyeballs, as a curious fan base speculates on what Cameron has been cooking up next.

But… and this is a major but… Cameron is 61 years old. He’d be pushing 70 by the time he delivered Avatar 5 on Christmas 2023. Sure, George Miller proved that you can make Mad Max: Fury Road at an advanced age, but he’s more the exception that proves the rule about filmmaking being a younger storyteller’s game.

What do you think? Will James Cameron ever deliver Avatar 5? Will he ever deliver Avatar 2?! Weigh in below. 
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