Avengers 2: What Are Those Lightsaber Looking Things In The Trailer?

We’re still reeling from the pure adrenaline that was pumped into us thanks to the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, which hit sooner than promised. There’s just so much goodness to process, it’s not even funny. However, one of the many notable things that were revealed in the new clip involve the mysterious pair of weapons unleashed by Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. Could it be the case that Star Wars-inspired LIGHTSABER KNIVES are now a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Putting all of our cards cards on the table, we have no particular inside info which would allow us to definitively conclude whether the things that Black Widow just activated were, in fact lightsabers, or, for that matter, knives. However, what is clear, is that these things are clearly defying any laws of physics under which our world is currently governed. From the very first frame we see in the clip, her hands are seemingly empty, and then in the midst of the dramatic double downward stroke, she’s brandishing…glowing…things.

Are they knives? Batons? Some type of electromagnetic melee weapons to fight the robotic Ultron? Your guess is probably as good as mine regarding exactly WHAT those glowing things could actually end up being. What is clear is the fact that, with no visible room for a more realistic telescoping source, the glowing things form out of thin air into a solid piece of material clearly designed to help Black Widow show some evildoers a bad time. Does a weapon which materializes, seemingly out of thin air, constitute the classification of a lightsaber? I’d say in the very least, it’s close -- though I doubt I wouldn’t be able to see the validity of a counterargument.

Knowing what we know about Black Widow, we could probably conjecture that the glowing things are knives. Why? Because on the TV front of the continuity on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mockingbird, aka, Bobbi Morse played by Adrianne Palicki, uses double batons as her signature weapon. One would have to think that Black Widow using a similar weapons configuration (cool and futuristic as it may be) would be the badass femme fatale assassin equivalent of showing up to the ball in the same dress. So, we’re going with lightsaber knives, and we’re sticking to it unless evidence proves this not to be the case.

Do you have any theories to offer up in this most integral of issues? Is it a brand new Stark invention that will be retailing in the MCU and at stores everywhere? Is it Chitauri-adapted technology? Or has Black Widow simply begun utilizing sleight-of-hand skills learned at a magic class to leave her enemies speechless before dispatching them with prejudice? So many questions!

Avengers: Age of Ultron looks to give Star Wars a run for its money in portable melee weapons that will conveniently fit in the smallest of clutch purses when it hits theaters on May 1.