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Bad News For The Raid Remake, Great News For The Raid Fans

The two Indonesian films that make up The Raid series have become incredibly popular in the US in recent years. However, they have yet to gain what could be called true mainstream acceptance. This is, of course, the perfect territory for the good old Hollywood remake. While this was likely great news for people who count money in L.A. it didn’t make a lot of sense to actual fans of the movies. For over a year, however, the remake seemed to hit one delay after another. Now, the movie may be on hold indefinitely, as almost everybody previously on board has now dropped out.

In short order, the remake has apparently lost its director, its star, and one of its two production studios -- leaving the entire project sitting with one studio, and nobody else looking to make the movie. According to The Tracking Board, Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes has dropped out of directing the film. The reasons for his departure are unknown. The film’s numerous delays could have led to him getting frustrated with the lack of progress, or it’s possible that the delays simply could have pushed him past the window when he was available. He’s reportedly now moved on to other projects.

In addition, Screen Gems, who was to distribute the film, has also backed out, which leaves XYZ Films without any domestic distribution and now solely in charge of production. Finally, one of only two actors who were attached to the film, Taylor Kitsch, has also left the project. This leaves Frank Grillo as apparently the only person still on board the film who’s not an employee of XYZ. Grillo has previously stated that the film’s delays were due to the difficulty involved in the preparation necessary to recreate The Raid: Redemption’s high-energy fight sequences. While it’s good to hear that everybody involved is trying to be faithful to the source, it appears that now none of those people are involved.

To be fair, there is one other name still involved in the remake. Gareth Evans, the writer and director of the original films, is still an executive producer of the new version. He’s been involved in the new screenplay as well, though that has also been through multiple versions.

XYZ Films will now go on a hunt for a new director. While fans of the original probably wish they would just move on to other things, some ideas are just too enticing for remakes, and this may very well be one of them. Is a good remake of The Raid: Redemption even possible, or should we just prepare ourselves for the eventual terrible attempt?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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