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Does the next Batman movie have a title? The guys over at Filmstalker picked up a tidbit from an interview with Michael Caine on Turner Classic Movies in which the actor says the movie will be called “The Joker”. Not “Batman: The Joker”. Just “The Joker”. Or at least that seems like what he might be saying.

Here’s the full quote: “…we’re going to make The Joker next year.” Alright, that’s hardly a confirmation. Actually, that could mean just about anything. That could be the title of the movie, part of the title, or it could be just what Michael Caine is calling the movie in his head.

That said, wouldn’t that be a really unique way to approach a Batman Begins sequel? Make Joker the star, and Batman an ancillary figure stalking and haunting him? Christopher Nolan loves to experiment, he is after all the guy who brought us Memento. It’s unlikely that Caine’s comment really means anything, but it’s certainly a fun possibility.