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Who is Wonder Woman without her bracelets? An accessory that has been a part of the character since her earliest origins, made from the remnants of Athena's shield the Aegis, and able to stop stop bullets with the flick of a wrist, the bracelets are an incredibly important part of the heroine's costume, and will presumably be included in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the character in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unlike Ben Affleck's titular Dark Knight, however, whose costume was revealed a few weeks ago, we still don't really know what we can expect from the feature film version of Wonder Woman, played by star Gal Gadot. Fortunately, the costume designer on the blockbuster, Michael Wilkinson, has done his part to clue us in on what we can expect.

Wilkinson sent out the Tweet you see above earlier this week while attending the JCK Las Vegas Jewelery event, and while some what meaningless alone, it means a hell of a lot when paired with the message from earlier in the day featuring a #BatmanvsSuperman hashtag:

it's not too hard to assume that he was there scouting out possible design inspirations for what Wonder Woman's bracelets will end up looking like in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course, the piece you see pictured above probably isn't going to end up being what the costume piece ends up looking like, but it could be a good hint

While we don't know exactly what Wonder Woman's bracelets will look like in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, let's take a look back at some of the many versions we've seen over the years, shall we? First up, of course, we have the Golden Age version of Wonder Woman - whose bracelets were black and rather plain:

Wonder Woman Bracelets

Then there were the Lynda Carter-worn ones from the old Wonder Woman television show, which were silver and featured stars all over:

Wonder Woman Bracelets

Then Adrianne Palicki wore these long, shiner ones in the failed 2011 pilot:

Wonder Woman Bracelets

That look has also seemed to stick around in the New 52 comics line from DC:

Wonder Woman Bracelets

What are you hoping Wonder Woman's bracelets in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will look like? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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