New Batman V Superman Image Shows The Man Of Steel Having A Different Type Of Battle

After years of waiting and wondering, it seems that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally just around the corner. Now that the final trailers and TV spots have been released, there is little left to do but patiently wait for the superhero romp to fly into theaters and hopefully blow our minds. While patience is a virtue that many superhero movie enthusiasts lack, it appears that the cast and team behind Dawn of Justice knows how hard it has been to wait for the imminent release, and will occasionally give us another glimpse into the film to tide us over.

Actor Henry Cavill, aka Superman himself, took to his facebook page today to share a brand spankin’ new image from Batman V Superman. Check it out below.


Here’s an exclusive image from BvS juuuust because the press tour is right around the corner!Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice #whowillwinPosted by Henry Cavill on Saturday, March 5, 2016

It’s a pretty cool and fairly bizarre image to feast your eyes upon. But it did make me extra excited for the film to come out.

This image shows Superman, in full costume, walking in what is presumably the courthouse where he will face trials in the aftermath of Man of Steel

The first movie ended with an insane battle between Superman and General Zod. Two people of that power level have the destructive power we’ve never seen before, and the quarrel ended up pretty much decimating the city of Metropolis. The two Kryptonians punched their way through skyscrapers, caused explosions, and used cars as melee weapons. This level of destruction initially annoyed audience members, but it appears that the controversial directing decision to have Metropolis destroyed will in fact be one of the central ideas to Dawn of Justice.

The imagery of Superman walking through the courthouse among regular people is pretty striking. Henry Cavill already has quite the muscular and physically imposing stature, but adding the signature blue and red suit really makes him stand out in a crowd. You can clearly see how out of place he is amongst the normal folk who are also featured in the image, blatantly staring at the superhero. 

The concept of policing superpowered individuals is at the crux of both the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. While a world with heroes flying around and saving people is pretty crazy, the concept of various governments wanting to be involved in those conflicts is something that brings the stories to a more grounded place. Superman will be facing both the law and Batman himself in order to pay for his actions in the first film. At the Marvel front, the idea of registering superpowered individuals and having them be monitored by the government is how the infamous Civil War itself is started, forcing the heroes to face off against each other based upon their individual moral code. 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will fly into theaters March 25th.

Corey Chichizola
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