Batmanuel In Batman!

Nestor Carbonell, who played a comedic parody of Batman named “Batmanuel” in the short lived but awesome ‘The Tick’ live action series, will get a chance to be a part of the real Batman’s legacy. Variety says he’s joined the cast of The Dark Knight, where he’ll play the mayor of Gotham.

Also confirmed to be added to the Batman Begins sequel’s cast is Eric Roberts, who will play a Mafia kingpin. Meanwhile MTV says actor David Banner auditioned this week for a part in the film as a villain named “Gamble”.

Since The Dark Knight is already in the midst of filming, none of these parts are likely to be very big. I’m happy for Nestor Carbonell though, whose career really seems to have taken off lately with a major, recurring role on ‘Lost’, a big part in Smokin Aces, and now this. He’s come a long way from ‘Suddenly Susan’.

Josh Tyler