It seems Battleship may be the only survivor of Universal's ill-fated Hasbro deal. Based on the board game made famous by the commercial bon mot "You sunk my battleship," this action-packed drama revealed to be about far more than nautical warfare when its trailer dropped, revealing an intense extraterrestrial enemy. Now, preparing for the film's fast-approaching release in Italy, the latest character banners—courtesy of IMP Awards—focus on big guns, hot guys, and unearthly alien missiles.

First up, we have Taylor Kitsch, who'll soon battle aliens abroad in John Carter. Here he's donning shorter locks and some serious artillery, fearlessly rushing into the fray of intergalactic conflict.

Next up, we see the film's headliner, steely action star Liam Neeson, who plays the noble admiral leading the eponymous Navy vessel into battle. Rather than tacking a gun on their leading man, the marketing team smartly focused on allowing Neeson to hold the frame with his persona of ultimate authority, while backing him up with some serious firepower.

Now here's where it gets a bit strange. True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård is an undisputed sex symbol, whose animal magnetism has paid off in numerous promo posters for the popular HBO series. So, why have the producers opted to cover him in smudge and dirt obscuring his stellar good looks? It's bad enough they have him fully clothed.

Then there's Cover Girl/pop star Rihanna, sporting some serious sailor tats and carrying some heavy artillery. Like Skarsgård, they've played down her sex appeal, and covered her in authentic battle shmutz. But I wonder why they didn't at least photoshop some more muscular arms on her. I can't help but think her guns couldn't handle the one she's carrying.

Finally, a look at our latest alien invaders, who've immediately proved more formidable than some past aggressors, what with their armor and lack of water allergies. To me, this is the most underwhelming of the batch. In fact, if I hadn't seen the trailer, I would have assumed this is meant to be some new advance in Navy technology. The plus side is, that this looks to be a formidable alien opponent, who appears to be getting more hands on in their invasion than many of their movie predecessors. So, that's promising.

The battle for Earth begins at sea on May 18th.

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