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With the Harry Potter franchise just about a year and a half away from closing out, Warner Bros. is doing their best to be proactive when it comes to replacing the hole in their wallets that the series will leave. It's nice to depend on a few hundred million dollars once a year, and you'd be pretty scared too if that money was going away. Consequently, WB is now trying to find another supernatural franchise to replace Harry.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to a yet to be released book series entitled Beautiful Creatures. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl wrote the novel, the first of five, and Richard LaGravanese has signed on to write and direct the adaptation. The series will follow Ethan Wate, a popular high school kid who meets and is bewitched by a girl named Lena Duchanne. The two team up to figure out mysteries that surround Lena's family.

It takes a lot more than magic and teenagers to make a successful franchise, and I think this is something that Hollywood has forgotten or never realized. Harry Potter's success is based on more than two or three factors. They're well written, have interesting characters. The books spoke to a generation at the perfect time. Things like this can't be recreated except by accident or supremely talented effort. But I guess you can't blame them for trying to make a couple more million.

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