Behind The Scenes Of Inglorious Bastards

Does that picture on the right just look like some tiny, vaguely creepy farmhouse to you? Then you're clearly not a Tarantino fan, or at least not one who feverishly downloaded the script for Inglorious Bastards a few months ago. Because that, my friends, is the farmhouse from the script, currently being built in Sebnitz, Germany and causing a stir online.

The photos showed up at the Tarantino fansite, who also grabbed a shot of the "crew only" parking sign at Babelsberg Studios. Apparently that handscrawled title we saw on the script, misspellings included, is the actual title-- Inglourious Basterds it is. Is Tarantino finally just proving that he can make whatever the hell he wants, and not even bothering with the proper title this time?

You can see more photos of the farmhouse at the Tarantino site, and after that, you can all explain to me why I should be excited about a movie that can't even bother to spell its own title correctly.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend