Benedict Cumberbatch Does A Wicked Jar Jar Binks Impression

You know what Benedict Cumberbatch sucks at? I don’t know. I’m asking. Because he has to be terrible at something. Everyone is, but for some reason, whenever he’s shown in public doing anything, he’s awesome at it. He’s a great actor. He’s wicked charming, and oh yeah, he apparently does a spot-on Jar Jar Binks impression. Skip forward to about the 1:50 mark…

This past week, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on the Graham Norton Show. Of course, he was hit with a ton of Star Wars questions after he admitted he spent some time on the set. He wouldn’t go into very many details, but he did reveal 1) Harrison Ford wasn’t there, 2) he does not have a role in the movie, 3) he doesn’t know what to call his fans anymore because they keep changing their names, 4) walking around on the set was like stepping back into his childhood. In short, all of us our jealous of his awesome life.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was weirdly in the news this weekend too. Ewan McGregor revealed people have told him to his face that the film sucks and that he hasn’t actually watched it since the premiere. In truth, the movie deserved neither the crazy amount of money it made, nor the scorn it received from fans. It’s deeply flawed and has some serious issues, but it’s also technologically advanced and has a few very well crafted sequences. Were it not attached to the most successful franchise in the history of movies, people would have thought it was mediocre and moved on with their lives.

That being said, I fully approve of any Jar Jar Binks impressions famous people want to put out there. There’s something delightful about hearing A-list actors channel one of the most absurd and strangely awesome vocal performances in the history of movies. It’s nice to see Benedict Cumberbatch have a little bit of fun with it, and now, it makes me wonder what other Star Wars-related impressions he could probably crush. Like Chewbacca…

Long live, Benedict Cumberbatch! Here’s to hoping he’s able to find his way into a Star Wars movie at some point and stays away from the Star Trek franchise.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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