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Earlier this week we reported that summer stars Alexander Skarsgard (Battleship, True Blood) and Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) were contending for a starring role in writer-director Ed Zwick's fantasy-infused historical drama The Great Wall. It seems Walker has won the day as Variety reports he is now in negotiations to star opposite Henry Cavill (Immortals, and of course your future Superman in Man of Steel).

The two burly brunets will play a pair of 15th century British warriors who stumble upon the construction of the Great Wall. There they discover that keeping out the rampaging Mongolians isn't the only reason for the Chinese building this manmade marvel. Apparently something even more inhumane lurks beyond the wall. While Warner Bros is keeping mum on what kind of monstrosity plagues China in this upcoming adventure, the fact that Max Brooks, who wrote The Zombie Survival Guide and it's spin-off novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, had a hand in developing the concept suggests that it may be yet another version of cannibalistic undead.

As much as I love zombie movies, I'm a little exhausted by them of late between the bevy of movies and TV shows marching them out in gory hoards. Plus, a massive wall to keep out the walking dead is already well established Game of Thrones territory. So, I'm hoping that rather than Walker and Cavill facing off against zombies—or similarly overexposed vampires—they'll confront something less expected. Perhaps, pulling from its setting, The Great Wall's ghoul could be unearthed from Chinese mythology? Share your guesses in comments.

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