In the movie world, locations like Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris are far and away the most commonly seen settings, but Boston has proven time and time again to be a compelling and fascinating backdrop for movies of all genres. It’s not nearly as large the cities mentioned above, but what it lacks in area it more than makes up with strong accents, obsessive sports fans, and historic locations. Many filmmakers have taken full advantage of this in the past, and made some brilliant features as a result. Today we are here to celebrate those titles.

With Black Mass arriving in theaters this weekend, and telling the story of Boston’s most notorious criminal, we decided to look back at the history of movies set in the great Massachusetts city and do a straight-up ranking. Which film is number one? Read on to find out!

Fever Pitch
10. Fever Pitch
Professional sports are very important in Boston culture, and that’s especially true where the Red Sox are concerned. It’s really because of this that Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s Fever Pitch makes its way on to this list, as it also a film that happens to partially capture one of the biggest moments in New England history: the Red Sox winning the World Series and breaking an 86-year losing streak. The movie also happens to be a cute little romantic comedy with a well-paired Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, so it does have the number 10 spot on lockdown.

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