For some reason, Ted Koland’s feature writing/directing debut Best Man Down flew completely under the radar through its development. The last time we heard about it, Justin Long had just joined the cast, but that was a couple of years ago back when the film was still called Lumpy. The surprise twist to the story is that Apple has released a new trailer for the film, and now I cannot wait to watch it.

In the film, Long (For a Good Time, Call…) and Jess Weixler (The Good Wife) star as Scott and Kristen, a loving couple celebrating their wedding day. Unfortunately, Scott’s liquor-loving best man Lumpy (Tyler Labine) suddenly drops dead, and it really sticks a fork in everyone’s good mood. Scott decides to take the money he was going to use for and use the honeymoon and uses it to give Lumpy a proper funeral. In trying to set that up, Scott realizes that maybe he didn’t know his best friend as well as he thought.

That last bit is the aspect of this film that I really connect to. At 30 years old, I have grown apart from the friends I’ve known all my life, and am closer with those I got to know in high school and after. I've stayed in touch via social media, but I couldn’t tell you the simplest details about many of their lives. It’s kind of depressing, and it doesn’t even involve anyone dying, so I can’t imagine how affected I'll be by this film.

Scott and Kristen find out that Lumpy was really good friends with a young girl named Ramsey (Addison Timlin), who has somewhat of an unorthodox home life. Scott has trouble believing that Lumpy would confide his secrets to anyone but him, and then Scott’s face gets all red and he starts crying and dammit, I get sad right along with him. Even if it doesn’t completely ream me emotionally, this still looks like a pretty solid personal drama.

Also starring Shelley Long (Cheers), Frances O’Connor (A.I.), Evan Jones (Gangster Squad) and Peter Syvertsen (A Simple Plan), Best Man Down will hit VOD on October 3rd, and will get a theatrical release on November 8th. Below you’ll find the film’s poster and first trailer, which delves into Ramsey’s life a little more. .


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