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A Big Box Office Haul Could Keep The Saw Franchise Alive

When a franchise amasses seven films, there’s something about naming the latest the last that’s just hard to believe. During San Diego Comic Con Lionsgate, the series producers and Tobin Bell announced that Saw 3D, the seventh film, would be the last. Ever since we’ve seen “The Final Chapter” all over the posters and a trailer packed with text suggesting the conclusion like “The Last Chapter” and “Witness The Final Cut,” but the fact that the franchise is coming to close still just doesn’t sit right and apparently the same is true for star Costas Mandylor.

When asked if this is indeed the last film Mandylor admitted, “From what I’m getting yes, but if the fans come and business goes well you never know if they’ll try one more.” However, he also recognizes the fact that eventually enough will be enough. He explained, “The real challenge is how much better can you make it and how much more can you do.”

I wouldn’t suggest getting ahead of yourself and assuming that an eighth movie is a given even if Saw 3D performs well. Then again, this isn’t the first time someone from the series has hinted continuation is a possibility. Back in June Bell said, “Final is a relative word. Especially in entertainment.” Then there was the whole Betsy Russell debacle in August when she slipped and revealed the writers had come up with an idea for Saw 8, but then clarified the information herself explaining she didn’t mean to imply another film was imminent.

What happen with Russell is exactly what could be happening here. It makes a lot of sense to assume that if Saw 3D makes a killing at the box office, an eighth film will get a green light so Mandylor’s speculation is totally sound. However, like Russell said when she followed up her misconstrued quote, the decision to bring the series to a close is a filmmaker decision, not one of the cast. Take a look at what Mandylor had to see about the issue for yourself below.

Watch our full video interview with Costas Mandylor right here.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.