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Can we all just take a second to appreciate how wonderful it is to never have to worry about seeing Bill Murray in a movie like Larger Than Life again? I guess it’s technically possible, but doubtful anytime soon, as he’s currently in the latest of several career peaks. Since he’s already worked with directors such as George Clooney and Wes Anderson this year, I guess there’s no harm in him throwing a Cameron Crowe movie on the pile. He’s currently in talks to join the stout cast of Crowe’s still-untitled romantic comedy, and I’m certain the film’s in-progress production in Hawaii won’t be on his list of “cons.”

The story follows Bradley Cooper as a defense contractor on assignment to oversee a weapons satellite launch in Hawaii, where he soon falls for with an Air Force Pilot (Emma Stone), all while reconnecting with a love lost long ago. Mysterious island forces and a sentient computer convince them to sabotage the satellite mission. (It has to stay on the island!) The film also stars Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride and Jay Baruchel, none of whom get any character descriptions. Details on the role Murray was offered are also being guarded for whatever reason. Perhaps he has something to do with those mysterious forces at play. Could he be playing a deity of some kind? It wouldn’t be out of his range, as he already played God in Ghostbusters. Venkman!

According to The Wrap, Crowe is working on the project with producer Scott Rudin, a longtime behind the scenes guy on Wes Anderson films. Anderson is arguably the guy that ultimately set Murray’s career on the path of consistent relevance, directing the actor in some of the most memorable performances of his career. Having last worked together for last year’s Moonrise Kingdom, they worked together again on The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is due out next year at some point.

Also out next year is Theodore Melfi’s all-star comedy St. Vincent De Van Nuys, which somehow already has awards buzz going for it. Earlier this year, we saw Murray in an unorthodox performance as FDR in Hyde on the Hudson and in Roman Coppola’s comedy A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. But the best of the three will probably be The Monuments Men, which Murray will co-star in with director Clooney and a bunch of other awesome actors. Take a look at the film’s latest trailer below, seeing as how it’ll probably be at least a year until we see Crowe’s next flick hit theaters.

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