Blair Witch 3?

A few weeks ago Entertainment Weekly did a 10-year anniversary "Where Are They Now?" piece on the people behind The Blair Witch Project, which had you all scared and maybe-sorta believing it was real this time in the summer of '99. The actors have either quit Hollywood or found modest success (Josh Leonard was in this summer's indie hit Humpday), but as for the filmmakers, it's been a whole lot of nothin'.

But wait! They still have their brilliant original idea to cling to, which is apparently exactly what they're about to do. In a retrospective piece at directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez said they are in the process of making a third Blair Witch, though probably one bearing little relation to the sequel that the two of them had nothing to do with. Says Sanchez,

"Ideally, each Blair Witch film would be a completely different kind of movie.We've thought about doing a film that takes place in the late 1700s and looks like a [Stanley] Kubrick movie with gritty looking people and lighting. But now, we're thinking about going back and and seeing what happened directly after the first film finished. I think it will have some kind of video element in it, but it won't be a first person hand-held movie."

Given that the film's 10-year anniversary was met with general indifference, is there really any way these guys can get funding, much less distribution, for this project? I'm willing to be proven wrong, but my best is that these guys are the only Blair Witch fans clamoring for a third film.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend