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Back in January we were all anxiously eyeing Brad Pitt's goatee and comforting ourselves by saying, no, it was just for his role in The Lost City of Z, and surely he wouldn't let that thing mar his face forever. Well, he didn't-- he shaved it for his role in Moneyball, and quite possibly to find the roll of quarters he lost in there, but now it looks like he grew out the whole damn monstrosity for nothing. After years of waiting for the movie to get a script in place, Pitt has bailed on the project, reports Vulture.

Apparently the problem wasn't the script but what Paramount was willing to pay director James Gray, whose last film Two Lovers suffered financially thanks to star Joaquin Phoenix's pseudo-meltdown during the publicity tour. Vulture doesn't specify how much Gray was asking for, but he's never been a guy who made blockbusters, so it's likely they were trying to lowball him. Now they've lost the star who pretty much was the reason for it to be made, and if they've pissed Gray off too, what do you think the odds are of him sticking around?

Lost City of Z, based on the book by David Grann, would have told the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett's expedition to find the legendary El Dorado in the early 1900s, only to disappear alongside his son during the hunt. Sounds like a good, Herzogian adventure story-- and one hugely unlikely to ever happen now that Pitt has bailed. Better luck next time, James Gray-- between Paramount and Joaquin Phoenix, he's really overdue to find some people to work with who actually deserve him.

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