How does Jonah Hill complete Brad Pitt? Why was the crew of Oceans Twelve avoiding eye contact with George Clooney for two weeks on set? These are among the topics of discussion in this Friday’s episode of Inside the Actors Studio.

As Pitt and Jonah Hill are both up for Oscars for their performances in Moneyball, it's fitting that the topic of working together would come up and a bonus that Hill is among the audience when Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton sits down with Brad Pitt to discuss his work.

As you’ll see in the clip below, the moment Lipton brings up the subject of Hill, Pitt makes a joke. The humor might be reflective of the kind of relationship the two actors have developed since working together on Moneyball. After a bit of banter with his co-star, Pitt speaks highly of Hill and discusses the dynamic of their performances in the film:
“I always thought there should be a duo category, because my stuff doesn’t work without Jonah. And maybe that’s true the other way. Certainly the way the characters were built that they... they complete each other.”

His own reaction to that last part, added to Hill’s response is pretty great. Check it out ahead.

Another subject that comes up involves a prank Pitt played on fellow Oscar nominee George Clooney back when they were filming Ocean’s Twelve...

Bravo has some other snippets from the interview on their site, including a clip that features Pitt discussing a bad injury he received on the set of Se7en. Or you can wait and watch the whole episode when it airs on Bravo this Friday night, February 10th at 8/7c.


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