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Bradley Cooper Looks Intense And Commanding In Burnt First-Look Footage

Bradley Cooper has had an interesting 2015. He started the year with an Oscar nomination for American Sniper, which he followed up with Aloha, a movie that came and went so quickly we hardly noticed it was there. Cooper’s next film, Burnt, looks to return him to the box office draw position and the early footage looks significantly more dramatic than his last outing.

The Hollywood Reporter has the details, along with the first footage of Burnt, which aired on the Today show. Cooper plays star chef Adam Jones, who was on top of the world before his career crashed. Now he’s trying to get back what he lost by opening a new restaurant. It actually could be a mirror of Cooper’s recent movie career.

If the character’s name sounds slightly familiar, it’s because previously the film was actually titled Adam Jones. Before that the movie was called Chef. That first title was changed to prevent confusion with the recent Jon Favreau movie of the same name. The second title was changed, we assume, because it was the most boring name for a movie ever. Its poster wasn’t particularly exciting either. The third title appears to refer to the main character’s mental state, not his food.

Cooper’s Adam Jones looks to be very much influenced by the various celebrity chefs that have come to television prominence in recent years. He’s not particularly nice to his kitchen staff, we assume the language will be stronger when the clips aren’t being aired on network TV. He takes his food seriously, saying he wants his dishes to cause patrons to be "sick with longing." Cooper has some experience in this arena, having portrayed Anthony Bourdain on the short-lived Kitchen Confidential sitcom for Fox.

Fans of food porn should be in love with this movie as there appears to be some really great stuff on display. You may want to check this out early and then do dinner afterward. Soda and popcorn may not be acceptable after seeing the quality food on display. Hopefully, the cast and crew got to sample this stuff when the shot was done.

Chef, sorry, I mean Adam Jones, wait no, what this movie called? Burnt hits theaters October 23. Until then you'll just have to be sick with longing.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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