The Oscars are a total blank slate right now, absent a producer and now a host, with Eddie Murphy now out the door in Brett Ratner's wake. What the show needs badly right now is stability, and the Academy may have already found the right guy to bring that. THR reports that mega-producer Brian Grazer is in talks with Tom Sherak to take over for Ratner as producer of next year's ceremony, which will air on February 26.

Grazer, as it turns out, produced Ratner's most recent film Tower Heist, which of course starred Murphy. Maybe we'll just complete the quartet and have Grazer bring in Ben Stiller as host? Honestly, it's hard to imagine who Grazer doesn't have pull with to possibly bring in to host it-- he's been working in the industry forever, is terrifyingly powerful and probably one of the few people perfectly capable of pulling the show together in three months without a hitch. Ratner was a headline-grabbing choice of a producer who clearly backfired; Grazer is the kind of steady, easily understandable replacement who will calm down the presumably many people completely freaking out at the Academy right now. It's not an interesting choice by any means, but it's maybe the best for the circumstances.

So given all of Grazer's powerful connections, who's your dream Oscar host? Provided Grazer takes the job, of course, I now suddenly would love to see Ron Howard take a crack at it. Sure, it might be a disaster! But go back and listen to his Arrested Development narration before you write me off entirely.

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