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Not so long ago, critics and movie bloggers alike received an unexpected press release for a documentary called I Am. The film promised to explore what was wrong with the world through the lens of filmmaker Tom Shadyac, who is best recognized for directing such joyfully absurd comedies as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, and Bruce Almighty. You can probably understand why we were puzzled. It turns out, that doc was Shadyac's passion project following a near-death experience that quite understandably shook him up. But it seems Shadyac is ready to return to comedy, though his potential next project wouldn't force him to abandon his intellectual curiosity about improving the world.

Deadline reports Shadyac is currently in negotiations with the Weinstein Company to helm the American remake of the wildly successful French film The Intouchables. Centering on the inspiring true story of two men from very different backgrounds who forge an unlikely but meaningful friendship, The Intouchables earned critical acclaim, scads of accolades, and more than $416 million at the global box office. So, expectations are high for its English-language reimagining.

Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig has penned the adapted screenplay, and Colin Firth has been attached—though not committed—to the pic for a while now. If Firth does sign on, he'd play an affluent aristocrat whose life is dramatically changed after a hang-gliding accident cripples him. Forced to hire a caretaker, he picks a sometimes-surly young man from the projects. According to Chris Tucker, he is being considered for that role.

If Shadyac does sign on, this will be his first narrative feature since the 2007 spin-off Evan Almighty. Notably, The Intouchables would likely be a more dramatic film than Shadyac feature career is typically associated with, but this could be the start of a new and more interesting phase in his career. And perhaps Shadyac's personal experiences will prove a unique inspiration for this promising dramedy.

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