Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson have multiple action franchises under their belt. Heck, they both have appeared in two action-driven features from earlier this year in A Good Day to Die Hard and Snitch, respectively. So the idea of seeing them join forces for the benefit of G.I. Joe: Retaliation has our action-geek hearts racing with anticipation.

A new clip for Jon Chu’s souped-up G.I. Joe sequel landed on MSN Movies, showing the original Joe (Willis) figuring out a loophole to get back into the service to help Rock’s character, Roadblock, take down the growing forces of Cobra. How do they circumvent the rules? Watch the clip, recruit!

Retaliation builds on the conclusion to Stephen Sommers’ 2009 hit, which ended with Zartan assuming the identity of the U.S. President, giving Cobra a presence deep in the White House. Original stars Channing Tatum (who reportedly beefed up his part during reshoots), Ray Park, Byung-hun Lee and Jonathan Pryce will be back for the sequel, but as the clip proves, the presence of Willis and The Rock are major, major selling points for this new G.I. Joe adventure.

Expect to see plenty more clips as we get closer to the film’s release date of March 29th. The film was delayed from last summer so Chu and Paramount could retrofit the movie to 3D. The recent 4-minute preview that was attached to Hansel & Gretel boasted some dizzying ninja battles on the side of a mountain, suggesting that the work that went into the action sequences in GI. Joe: Retaliation will be worth the wait.

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