Is your day sorely lacking a ridiculous amount of gunfire, shouting and explosions? Well, then we here at Cinema Blend have just the right thing for you. The first UK trailer for Eran Creevy's Welcome To The Punch, starring James McAvoy and Mark Strong as cop and criminal, respectively, has arrived online, and honestly there's enough bullets and fire in it to get you through the rest of the week. Check it out below, courtesy of The Sun.

As cacophonous as this trailer is, it looks like the movie could be a good bit of fun. Both McAvoy and Strong have proven their talent time and time again, and the idea of watching an explosive cat-and-mouse game between the two sounds like cinematic awesomeness. The film is only Creevy's second directorial effort, having previously directed the BAFTA-nominated 2008 thriller Shifty, and while I haven't seen that film personally, the reviews suggest that the writer/director could have some serious talent.

Based on an original screenplay by the director, Welcome To The Punch has McAvoy starring as Max Lewinsky, a detective who has been trying to take down notorious criminal Jacob Sternwood (Strong) for years, but has never been able to capture him. When the villain's son (Elyes Gabel) is hospitalized in London, however, and Sternwood is forced to return to the city, Lewinsky sees it as his opportunity to finally close the case. David Morrissey and Andrea Riseborough co-star in the film, which is scheduled to arrive stateside on March 15, 2013 courtesy of IFC Films.

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