Bumblebee's Dark Of The Moon Character Banner

Above is a brand new character banner for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It contains Bumblebee, just in case you somehow doubted that the most popular Transformer outside of Optimus would show up in this movie. Why aren’t we showing you a beautiful, high-res version of this poster? Because we aren’t allowed to.

The image was given as an exclusive to Yahoo, where they never show anyone high-res versions of anything. It was given as an exclusive to them because Yahoo Movies is the most popular movie site on the planet, in spite of containing no actual, original content. A testament to what being owned by a big corporation can do for you. If only Halliburton would just swoop in and buy Cinema Blend, we could stop putting in all this effort and just sit back and watch the traffic pour in, like poking a hole in the Exxon Valdez.

Oh you’re probably here about those Transformers. Well Dark of the Moon arrives in theaters on July 1st. You probably saw the date on the poster, though you may have had to squint a little. It’s about Shia LaBeouf fighting in a war with robots while dating a Victoria’s Secret model. Realistic. Should be fun.

While you wait for a high-res version of Bumblebee (we'll get it eventually and post it here), make us feel better about all the work we do, you know, actually writing stuff by browsing some of our best content right here. There's even an article about smoking pot with movie characters. I hear the kids like the pot.

Josh Tyler