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Buzz From Home Alone Cast As A Villain In Alexander Payne's Nebraska

Kids of the 90s may not know Devin Ratray by name, but they definitely know who he is. In 1990 and 1992 he played Buzz McCallister, older brother to Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister in the blockbuster hits Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. And while that was his most memorable role, Ratray actually hasn't stopped acting since. In addition to taking small roles in movies like Surrogates and the upcoming R.I.P.D., he has also accumulated a good amount of television experience, making appearances on shows like all three versions of Law and Order, Supernatural, and, most recently, The Good Wife. And now Alexander Payne is giving him a shot in the director's next movie.

Payne, who won an Academy Award earlier this year for his work on the script for his film The Descendants, has cast Ratray as the main villain in his next movie, Nebraska. THR, which reported the casting news, says the movie is about a drunk, aging father played by Bruce Dern who decides to go on a road trip with his estranged son (Will Forte) so that he can "claim a million dollar Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes prize." Detray will be one of the villains in the movie, playing "one half of a set of twins" and the son of Stacy Keach's character (I'm guessing that he's a fraternal twin because the trade doesn't say he'll be playing dual parts). Bob Odenkirk will also be playing a small role in the movie, which was written by Bob Nelson and will reportedly be shot in black and white.

The project is still in pre-production, but is getting set to start production later this month.

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