Cable In Deadpool 2? Here's What Ryan Reynolds Says

It’s still a month until Deadpool is released in theaters, but there’s already talk of possibly giving the Merc with a Mouth a sequel. Although it’s too soon to tell where a follow up Deadpool adventure would go, director Tim Miller said a couple months back that he wants to include Wade Wilson’s frequent partner Cable. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld even suggested that Jon Hamm would be good for the role. Now Ryan Reynolds has added his own take on the subject.

Last night at a special Deadpool screening for fans in New York City, Reynolds hung out afterwards to take fan questions. When he mentioned talk of a sequel, one of the audience members shouted, "Cable and Deadpool!" According to, this is how the actor responded:

Your lips to God's ears, my friend. Believe me, that's being talked about.

For those not familiar with him, Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelene Pryor who was sent to the future, but later came back to the present. His goal was to prevent the apocalyptic timeline he grew up in from ever existing. In his first couple years, he led the New Mutants (later reorganized as X-Force), and during one of their missions, he was attacked by the newly debuted Deadpool. Starting in 2004, the two starred in their own ongoing series, and as you can expect, their polar opposite personalities resulted in a lot shenanigans. With Cable set on protecting the world and Deadpool…well, doing what Deadpool does, their interactions were hilarious, and those 50 issues cemented them as one of the Marvel universe’s most well known duos.

Cable is one of the few really famous X-Men characters that has yet to be seen in the movies, so it stands to reason he’ll eventually get to appear on the big screen. Given how beloved his partnership with Deadpool is (even if he wishes the Merc with the Mouth would just leave him alone), having Cable appear in Deadpool 2 would be a good move on Fox’s part. And, as Reynolds said, that’s being heavily considered. Of course, we probably shouldn’t expect these two partnering up right away. If the movie is anything like the comics, then we may see Deadpool hunting Cable, or vice versa. Only when a greater threat comes along would they join forces, though you can bet Cable will eventually regret hanging around with Wade.

Using Cable would also be another opportunity to connect Deadpool to the X-Men movies. As mentioned earlier, he led the New Mutants, and there’s a movie featuring the young superheroes currently in development. Following Deadpool 2, he could conceivably transition into that side of the X-Men universe to take the teens under his wing. There was also an X-Force movie being worked on at one time that might have featured Cable, but with no news on its progress for years, it’s likely the project is dead or in stasis.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, and we’ll keep you apprised on any developments regarding Cable’s role in a sequel.

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