Caleb Landry Jones Joining X-Men: First Class As Banshee?

Now that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are in place as Professor X and Magneto, it's time for the actual students to fall in line in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class. Just yesterday we learned that Alice Eve would be playing Emma Frost, two weeks ago the rumor was that Amber Heard would be playing a younger version of the shape-shifter Mystique, and now you may be able to add Caleb Landry Jones to the list of younguns.

Who? Good question. Even Latino Review, reporting the rumor from "trusted sources," identifies him primarily as "the kid on the bike" at the end of No Country for Old Men, who gives Javier Bardem his shirt to use as a sling (see him in the screenshot above, also snagged from LR). Jones also popped up on Friday Night Lights, and will be featured in The Last Exorcism, but his most notable role definitely seems to be aiding and abetting Anton Chigurh. In X-Men, though, Jones would be playing Banshee, an Irish mutant who can harm people with his "sonic scream."

Banshee hasn't made an appearance in any of the previous X-Men films, but with this one focusing on the building of the Academy and the splintering of factions between Magneto and Professor X, presumably there's room for a lot of new, younger characters to make their way in. With filming set to begin any minute now in order to make the release date next summer, we'll probably be hearing a lot of unfamiliar names like Jones as the smaller roles in the cast start filling in.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend