Cannibal Holocaust Revisited By Its Creator

Not long ago word got out that the infamous 1984 horror movie Cannibal Holocaust might be headed for a remake. If you’re a fan of the film and that makes you want to chop yourself up to be served as a stew, then get out of that big, black cauldron and turn off the heat. There’s good news.

Our friend Richard over at Filmstalker has picked up a story from Bloody-Disgusting which says the new version isn’t a remake. It’s also not a sequel, a prequel, or a reboot. They’re calling it a “companion piece” and guess what, the original film’s creator Ruggero Deodato is the freakazoid responsible for making it.

Alright, companion piece sounds a lot like a sequel to me. That has to be just spin right? But if Deodato is the guy making it, then it doesn’t sound like Cannibal Holocaust fans have cause to complain, or at least they have a little less reason to be afraid. Or maybe more… depending on if the movie freaks you out. It’s still regarded as the high water mark in extreme brutality, gore and violence. It’s even still banned in a lot of places around the world. In order to be as good, will the original have to be banned in North Korea?

With the torture porn genre so hot right now, it certainly seems like a good time to resurrect one of the original sick brutality franchises.