Cap and Nick Fury

Thor may be the next Marvel hero to get the full-length motion picture treatment, but the studio already (and wisely) is looking ahead to next year’s Captain America sequel, sharing posters, new images, and a trailer that’s due to drop on Thursday, Oct. 24.

The new Cap pics from The Winter Soldier come to us via USA Today. The above pic gives us a tremendous shot of Captain America’s new costume, which has a darker tone (more black than Navy blue). This shot, meanwhile, is part of the fantastic elevator sequence that Marvel showed fans in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con in July, where Cap (Chris Evans) finds himself surrounded by adversaries in a claustrophobic elevator car. Here’s the image:

Cap in elevator

And here’s a passionate, nerdy video of Eric Eisenberg and I geeking out over the Marvel footage immediately after the Hall H panel in San Diego.

How much of that Comic-Con footage will appear in the Winter Soldier trailer? We’ll know tomorrow, but Marvel President Kevin Feige showed a LOT of finished footage at the Hall H presentation, so co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo likely are far along in the post-production process, and should have plenty to share. I did think it was odd that rumored trailers attached to Thor: The Dark World were going to be The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, possibly, X-Men: Days of Future Past … but not Cap. Now that has been rectified, and we’ll soon have plenty of amazing Marvel items to parcel out in the coming days and weeks. Here’s the Cap poster from the other day. (Click here for a hi-res shot.)We’ll have the trailer on the site the moment it drops on Thursday.

Cap poster

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