New Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Is Stunning

Captain America: Civil War has been released for almost a month, but fans and moviegoers have yet to stop talking about it. The newest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done remarkably with crafting stories with a large ensemble cast, and has been a financial and critical success. Aside from the film’s strong narrative, Civil War is also rather visually stunning, and that victory has to do with the tons of artists who worked on the film. And visually, it all starts with the concept art.

Artist Maciej Kuciara worked on the Captain America: Civil War concept art before the film went into production, and created some of the strong visuals that would later be adapted into the movie. Kuciara recently took to his personal twitter page to share some of those concept images, much to the joy of marvel fans who had thought they’d seen it all when it comes to Civil War.

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The first image is extremely powerful, and it features one of the final moments of Captain America: Civil War. This scene is between Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther and Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo. After Zemo manipulates the various heroes into battling each other with his power over Bucky, he flees the scene and attempts to take his own life. However, Black Panther had been tailing him, and convinces him to keep on living, and go through the authorities for a proper punishment.

The concept image of the scene is rather striking, with the darkness of Zemo’s gun to his head only amplified by how ominous and powerful Black Panther looks. Of course, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, which we see from the horizon.

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Another awesome image which Maciej Kuciara shared was Iron Man flying above an ascending Raft. This was one of the many happy surprises in Captain America: Civil War, where we saw the giant prison appear out of nowhere beneath Tony Stark. This prison would eventually leave a poor taste in our mouth, as we saw the members of Team Cap imprisoned, despite how heroic their past deeds have been. Luckily for us, Captain America ends up breaking his buds out of the pokey, and they go rogue for the end of the film.

The concept art version of the Raft must have really affected the filmmaker, as the shot is almost identical to the one we saw in the final cut.

Maciej Kuciara has created concept art for some of the biggest films in recent years, so clearly he must have a positive way of affecting the filmmaking process.

Corey Chichizola
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