Here's Black Panther's Actual Mission In Captain America: Civil War

Arguably the most prominent new player being introduced in Captain America: Civil War is T’Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther. Repeatedly described as the movie’s "third party," T’Challa will make his way from Wakanda to the United States and get involved in the superhero conflict while attending to his own duties. Although Black Panther has been seen fighting on Iron Man’s side in the Captain America: Civil War previews and concept art, actor Chadwick Boseman has provided more perspective on what the Wakandan prince’s mission will be.

Despite the fact that he’s wearing a cool costume and showing off impressive fighting skills, Boseman told Empire that Captain America: Civil War’s Black Panther shouldn’t be looked at as a regular superhero, instead jumping into the fray to calm things down. The actor said:

[He’s] not on anybody’s team. It’s my political mission to tame it and get it under control.

Following the passing of the Sokovia Accords, Captain America: Civil War will see superhumans being forced to operate under a governing body in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two sides will then form over the issue: Iron Man’s, who supports official oversight, and Captain America’s, who believes they shouldn’t be regulated. It looks like Black Panther will work with Tony Stark to get his job done, but shouldn’t be considered one of Tony’s "pro-movement" supporters. This is merely a case of allying with each other for mutual interest.

We’ve also seen Black Panther tracking and fighting Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. Winter Soldier, in the previews. While a rumor last year suggested that Black Panther might be trying to carry out revenge for the death of his father T’Chaka, there’s been no indication that the current king of Wakanda will show up. For now, it just looks like Black Panther, like the authorities, will be trying to bring Bucky in for a crime he’s committed, though it’s alluded that he’s being framed. For T’Challa, it doesn’t appear personal, it’s just business. 

Chadwick Boseman’s comment about Black Panther not being a superhero in the traditional sense also falls in line with the character’s history. In Wakanda, the Black Panther isn’t a superhero role, but a title passed down through the royal line. It was only when T’Challa took his talents outside of Wakanda that he was looked at as a superhero. While T'Challa hasn’t become king yet in the MCU, he has donned the Black Panther suit made of vibranium, the same rare metal in Captain America’s shield. However, Boseman wouldn’t reveal if T’Challa has drunk the special brew that grants enhanced senses and reflexes.

Following Captain America: Civil War’s release on May 6, fans can look forward to Chadwick Boseman reprising Black Panther for the character’s solo movie on February 16, 2019, which he says is a superhero movie, but still "character-driven."

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