Warning: MAJOR spoilers for Captain America: Civil War below, so stop reading now if you haven't seen the film yet!

It goes without saying that Captain America: Civil War has become a total phenomenon over the last week. The film’s conflict brought Earth’s mightiest heroes to devastating blows with one another, and provided a spectacle quite unlike anything we’ve seen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date.

However, Civil War serves another purpose outside of simply providing an amazing story for audiences. The events of the latest Marvel adventure have set up a series of events for our scattered heroes that will carry all the way through Phase 3. Each and every hero had a particular arc in Captain America: Civil War, and the film’s ending has him or her all going off in their own respective directions. We’ve gone through the film, and figured out where every one of The Avengers stands following the events of Civil War; now let’s get the ball rolling with the titular hero himself…

Captain America
Steve Rogers' note to Tony Stark pretty much laid out the future of the character. He finally feels willing to admit to himself that he’s never fit in anywhere, and that he puts his faith in the inherent goodness of people, rather than organizations or structures. Having given up his shield, as well as the stars and stripes, Rogers busted Team Cap out of The Raft prison so that they can continue doing the good work that he believes in, and then proceeded to get Bucky to Wakanda so Black Panther’s people can get to work on fixing him. The red, white and blue Avenger will undoubtedly continue to help people, but his symbolic renunciation of the shield points towards him becoming Nomad or simply The Captain – two decisions with precedent in the comics.

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