The Captain America Costume That Chris Evans Loves The Most

Much like Iron Man, who has reformatted his armor nearly 50 times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America has gone through a number of costume changes during his time on the big screen. Chris Evans has played the patriotic hero in five movies – including the upcoming Captain America: Civil War - and there’s an average of one new costume in each film. Of course, fans have had arguments over which one of the iterations is best, but in Evans’ mind it’s really no contest: he really loves the stealth suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Evans during the Captain America: Civil War press day in Los Angeles earlier this month, and during our quick interview one question I asked was about the various costume designs he’s worn in the last five years. Responding to being asked if he had a favorite amongst the one’s we’ve seen, the actor enthusiastically replied,

I absolutely do! I like the stealth suit from Cap 2. The dark, navy blue suit from the opening of Winter Soldier when I’m on the Lemurian Star, messing people up on that ship. And in the elevator! That’s my favorite. I have requested it every movie, but the people at Marvel really like a little red. They like a little red in there. Which is fine. It’s Cap; I get it.

The Stealth Suit to which Chris Evans is referring was inspired by the look that Captain America had in the "Secret Avengers" comic run started by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Mike Deodato, and it’s pretty obvious how it got its name: it’s a pretty great piece of gear in which to sneak around.

Captain America Stealth Suit

You can watch Chris Evans talk about his favorite Captain America costume – as well as the subtle differences between the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War suits - in the video below:

Which Captain America costume is your favorite? Answer our poll below, and hit the comments section with your thoughts. And get ready for Captain America: Civil War, which will be in theaters on May 6th!

Captain America

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