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Channing Tatum's been keeping busy lately, with 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike having released earlier this year, and G.I.Joe: Retaliation due out next year. He also has a number of other projects in the works, including possibly starring in an Evel Knievel biopic. And based on a comment he made recently, we may have Magic Mike 2 to look forward to at some point down the line.

The Hollywood Reporter posted today that the topic of a follow-up to Steven Soderbergh's male-stripper drama Magic Mike came up when Tatum was doing a question-and-answer session for Glamour Magazine. In response to "How about Magic Mike 2?" Tatum said:
"Yes, yes and yes! We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger."

The story for the original film followed Tatum's character, a seasoned male stripper with aspirations beyond impressing cash-carrying ladies at a strip club called Xquisite. While the film was promoted as being a fun movie about male strippers (some of whom were played by Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello, in addition to Tatum), the focus of the film leaned a bit more toward Tatum's character and the direction of his life. THR notes there's no word on whether Soderbergh would return to direct the follow-up.

I liked how the first film left off, so I'm not sure I'd consider a sequel to be entirely necessary, but who knows? Maybe they'll come up with a good story. As for "flipping the script" and "making it bigger," we can only speculate on what that means or what they have in mind. Perhaps the Xquisite dancers have seen further success in the years that followed the first film and the sequel will have them bound for a bigger venue. (Vegas maybe?) It sounds like this is in the early stages of development, so we'll have to keep an eye out for further developments.

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