Charlie Hunnam Has Been Crowned As The New King Arthur

Every now and then, there are two actors whose careers seem to circle around each other, covering similar ground and affording one actor opportunities when the other passes or drops out of a project. The most legendary pair of that sort is that of Richard Gere and John Travolta, as the latter has passed on films like An Officer And A Gentleman, American Gigolo, and most notably Chicago, leaving the former to be cast in his absence. If this recent casting news out of Guy Richie's King Arthur project is any indication, Charlie Hunnam and Jamie Dornan just might become that new pair of opportunists.

Deadline was pleased to report that Pacific Rim actor Charlie Hunnam has signed on for the first of a planned six-picture franchise of King Arthur tales, which will have its first installment directed by Richie and is being aimed for a

[[ ah ref ]] July 2016 release. This is the furthest that studio Warner Bros has gotten in their repeated process of trying to make a King Arthur film, but judging how the 2004 version with Clive Owen did, you can kind of see why they've been a little shy to break out the swords.

Now why did I mention Fifty Shades Of Grey's Jamie Dornan? Well, at one point he was favored for the role of King Arthur that eventually went to Hunnam, who in turn dropped out of being cast as the original Christian Grey, which in turn allowed Dornan to be the man of every book fan's dreams. You can see why these two would be orbiting some of the same projects, as both possess the ability to turn off their native accents on cue, and they're handsome gentlemen that are in favor with their respective fans. The advantage that Charlie Hunnam has, though, is that he's also respected as a hell of a badass, thanks to work on Sons Of Anarchy, as well as the previously mentioned Pacific Rim.

The same could be said for previous Guy Richie collaborator, and fellow Pacific Rim co-star, Idris Elba who's also looking to climb aboard the project as well, in an unspecified role. One could assume that he'd take the role of Lancelot, as you don't just cast Idris Elba for five minutes of screen time and discard him elsewhere. (I'm looking at you, Thor.) All that's missing now is some lucky actress to play the role of Guinevere, and the fans will be ready to create their King Arthur banners and fan fiction.

The time is right for a new King Arthur flick, with Game Of Thrones making swords and medieval sorcery cool again. Charlie Hunnam also is in high demand after his seven-year run of raising SAMCRO hell. If Guy Richie can bring his manic edge to the project, we could have another Sherlock Holmes on our hands in the respect that the material will be of a period setting, but the fun and the adventure will feel somewhat more modern. We'll see for ourselves when King Arthur is released on July 22nd, 2016.

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