Rumors of a Princess Diana biopic have floated around for years, for all the obvious reasons-- beautiful, tragic, very famous people tend to be perfect fits for biopics, even if nobody ever actually gears up to make one. The closest anyone has come lately is Jessica Chastain, who late last year was set to play Diana in Caught in Flight, an account of her affair with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn. That project is still developing as far as we know, but the UK's The Daily Mirror is now reporting on a new one, this one based on David Wharfe's 2007 book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret. Wharfe was the princess's bodyguard, and the film will focus on his relationship with her, following the years before the divorce in 1996, an 11-year-span starting just after the birth of Prince Harry.

The Mirror got all this from producer Stephen Evans, whose credits include Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Much Ado About Nothing, so the story isn't being spun out of thin air. At the same time, Evans says he's lining up both famous and unknown actresses to consider for the role but won't reveal any names, and while he says there is interest from financiers, nothing seems set in stone. So while the idea of this project is very much a real thing, there's nothing yet happening, and Evans seems to be trying to drum up interest in it more than announce anything concrete just yet. That said, the Mirror says actresses rumored for the part include Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan, and that Ewan McGregor would play Wharfe-- though, again, it's unclear how solid that is.

With the Chastain film still seemingly good to go, it's much more likely we'll see that one before this one gets off the ground. But we may be gearing up for a rash of Princess Diana movies, made by people who look at the moderate success of The Iron Lady and, to a lesser extent, My Week With Marilyn and think "Hey, I could do that." If you were exhausted by all the Royal Wedding coverage last year, you might want to take cover now, just in case.

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