Check Out Tel Aviv's Star Wars Escalator

It's one of the most iconic elements in a series full of them: the opening crawl that begins every single Star Wars movie. Many of us can quote much of the original Star Wars' crawl from memory: "It is a period of civil war..." That text was created by Lucas and Brian De Palma back in 1977, and then became an unforgettable part of pop culture. You'll find references to the crawl in everything from Family Guy, to countless spoofs on YouTube, to the Tel Aviv City Hall.

Wait...what? No, really. The Daily What posted a picture of the escalator in question, which is plastered with the opening crawl so that it scrolls upward.

It's a ridiculously clever little touch, but as far as I can tell no one has pinned down who is actually responsible for it. The first mentions seem to have originated from Reddit editor halflifedarkness, and it's been cross-posted all over the place since then. All I know is that the bubbles/balloons escalator to the left must feel woefully inadequate.

Just to cap it all off, here's a video of some girl singing the Star Wars theme next to the escalator.