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Check Out The Winners Of Our Halloween Costume Contest!

Last week we put out a call for our readers to submit their best movie and TV related Halloween costumes, either from years past or a preview of what they'll be wearing tonight. Our readers, being ever fantastic, came through admirably, submitting dozens of costumes of themselves, their pets, their kids, all in the kinds of costumes that would make any movie nerd smile. All of them will inevitably be having excellent trick or treating adventures tonight, but we had to pick three winners, and here they are in order of awesomeness, as voted by the Cinema Blend staff.

Chris Ness as Machete from MACHETE

Tarz Shyshko (and friend) as Neytiri and Jake from AVATAR

Adam Patterson as Charles Bronson in BRONSON

Congratulations to all the winners, and if you are one of those winners, get in touch with katey *at* so we can set you up with your prize. If you want to check out the rest of the competition, go to this Facebook post for all of the submissions. And thanks to everyone who submitted their costumes! They were a blast to look through and definitely helpful for getting in the Halloween spirit. Not that we were slouching ourselves either-- below you can see me, Katey, dressed as Arrested Development's Lucille Austero, and Eric Eisenberg as Drive's mysterious Driver.

(Slideshow image on homepage via DarkGeometryStudios (opens in new tab)/Shutterstock (opens in new tab))

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