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Chris Pratt Barely Outruns An Angry Dino In Latest Jurassic World Clip

The cat is out of the bag. Or, in this case, the Indominus Rex is out of the cage. The latest clip from Jurassic World features Chris Pratt barely escaping with his life as the park’s new hybrid dinosaur/killing machine chases after him. Pratt may have survived for the time being, but it looks like there’s a much bigger problem on their hands now. 

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Universal released this new footage on social media, and it features Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson, Lauren Lapkus and Irrfan Khan as they try and close the containment’s gate before Indominus Rex can get out, even at the expense of Pratt’s life. They failed, obviously, or the movie would be much shorter... and now the gargantuan dinosaur these folks brewed up in a test tube can rampage through the park at its leisure. 

In Jurassic World, Pratt plays Owen, a raptor researcher who’s able to jump inside the creatures’ cage without getting torn to bits. He can even lead them on his motorcycle, an ability he chalks up to a mutual respect. It’s because of his success that Claire (Howard) and the park’s administration want him to take a look at their new attraction. By the looks of this clip, however, it doesn’t seem as though there’s any reasoning with a beast of this size and intellect. And it’s this underestimation that will no doubt prove to be the demise of the park. 

Why would people decide to create something more destructive than the T-Rex, after all that happened in the previous three films? As we gathered from the previous trailers, Jurassic World is now up and running, and civilians find it commonplace to see living dinosaurs in a zoo-like setting. Every time the administration opened a new attraction, attendance spiked, so they wanted to create something unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Something Mother Nature hadn’t even created on her own. These folks should’ve watched all the X-Men movies, then they would’ve heard Wolverine’s untimely advice: "Sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry." 

Most of the Jurassic World clips previously released have focused on the human element of the film, and we’re glad to see this footage pointing our attention back to the dinosaurs and reminding us that there’s a lot to look forward to with this film. Though, where are all the practical effects we’ve been hearing so much about? The work of Phil Tippett, the iconic dino maker of the first film, is nowhere to be seen. Part of the allure of the original film was seeing raptors and the triceratops that had fallen ill through non-CGI means. So far, this film looks like one big VFX extravaganza. Perhaps Tippett's handiwork is something we'll have to wait until June 12 to see.