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Christopher Nolan Planning A Howard Hughes Biopic When He's Done With Batman

Christopher Nolan is neck-deep in preparation for The Dark Knight Rises, but according to Vulture he's already making plans for what he'll do when the Bat exits his life for good. They say he's planning to revive a Howard Hughes biopic that he shelved, naturally, when Martin Scorsese made The Aviator in 2004; while Scorsese's film focused on Hughes's earlier, more successful years, Nolan's would be based on the biography Citizen Hughes, which leaned more toward the crazy later decades of the mogul's long life.

Nolan's plan is apparently to shoot late in 2012, after The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters, and release the film in 2014, a long production process that could be leaving room for any number of effects or elaborate shooting locations. Then again, most of the story will be about the reclusive, totally loony Hughes, who only got a haircut once a year and, by the end of his life, only allowed Mormons to become close confidants. Drosnin's book, published in 1985, is based on 3,000 pages of Hughes's handwritten notes to himself, leaked after his office was robbed in 1975, a year before Hughes died.

A biopic could easily be the last thing anyone would have expected Nolan, the blockbuster king and twisty storyteller, to make next. In a way that makes it all the more exciting-- just when we thought we had Nolan's number, he moves on to a story about a lone, fascinating man, and one profiled already in the last decade by one of the greatest living filmmakers. At some point people will start assuming this is Nolan's Oscar grab-- he hasn't gotten that Best Director nomination with genre stuff, so he's throwing 'em a biopic!-- but I have more faith in him than that. As hard as it is now to understand why this might be his next project, it seems only reasonable to expect something worth watching when it's all done.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend