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The last big studio presentation of Cinema Con came from Warner Bros., where they presented a bunch of clips and new trailers for the highlights of their summer movie season, including the final Harry Potter film, the comedies Horrible Bosses and The Hangover Part II, and four whole scenes from Green Lantern, the superhero film from which we've seen very, very little so far. As a longtime Potter fan that footage was what got me the most excited, especially since there were some scenes from the Battle of Hogwarts that seemed to deviate substantially from the books, but I was also intrigued to see some of Green Lantern, the superhero movie that also takes place in outer space.

For more detailed thoughts, including my best description of the Harry Potter scenes that were different--- spoiler alert for the seventh Harry Potter book should go without saying-- check out the video below, most likely my last video report from Cinema Con. It's been a busy four days and hopefully I've been able to bring you the highlights and give you a sense of what's gotten the movie theater owners excited this week. For all of my Cinema Con coverage, go here.